Wedding Videography

Image: Bride near the ocean.

We recently shot a wedding for a couple in Flatrock Newfoundland. It was an all day affair, with us showing up at the brides staging area at 8 a.m. and finishing at the reception around midnight. It really is a marathon shooting a wedding. We didn’t even really stop for food! However, we had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the vibe and being surrounded by all those happy people. One thing I didn’t realize was just how much of a window into these persons lives you really are peering into as a wedding videographer.

All those happy little moments captured forever on film. Little moments frozen in time. (I’ll toss in some low resolution screen grabs from our latest video while we go along here, and I’ll post the video down below.)

Some moments are so intimate and beautiful that I almost feel like I shouldn’t be there. Feel like I’m intruding. Then I remember that these people of course want me to be there. They want me to capture all of these personal little moments.

Image: Bride with a small gift box with a ribbon.
Bride opens a gift from the groom.

I think people are so focused living in their moment that they forget we are there. With photography it’s a little different because often there is the flash and the shutter clicking and people are more aware of the photographer because of this. But as a videographer, I can quietly stealth around and settle down into an environment and kind of blend in. Just quietly sit there with the camera rolling. I really think people forget we are there, and that is how it’s possible to capture the purest moments.


Image: Bride and bridesmaid getting dressed.
Bridesmaid helps bride zip up her dress.
image: mother and son
Mother helps groomsman prepare for the wedding.

Interviews with family members were especially touching, with tears shed and noses blown and just the most heart warming and kind words spoken. We interviewed mother, sister and best friend for this video.

We try to be as unobtrusive as possible and just let people do their thing. Yes there are some shots that are scripted and choreographed no different than a photographer setting the couple up into different poses, but generally we are there to capture things as they happen in real time and real life. We want to be where the action is, but not close enough to interfere with it in any way.

Image: Bride and groom sitting in back seat of car with champaigne.
A young wedding goer peers in and distracts a couple mid-toast.

Everyone involved with the wedding was smiling all day long. Even through the tears of joy they were smiling. There was no stressful energy at all. Just happiness and joy. I felt totally at ease and totally at home with these strangers who let me into their lives. They were truly a warm and sincere couple. We both felt lucky to be there.

Image: Bride and groom in back seat of wedding car.
Moment of surprise captured on the brides face.

Thank you Amy and Darren for letting us be a part of your wedding day. It was a beautiful day for us at and it seems for everyone else there as well.

Image: Bride poses for a selfie with some of her friends at a wedding.
Bride poses for a selfie with her friends.


To have us create a beautiful video memory of your big day please contact us on our Web Site or Facebook page. We love hearing about your ideas and finding creative ways to help you tell your story. Below is a sample of how we use videography to tell your beautiful story. Better bring the tissues.

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